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We deal with personalised production of commercial or home based and military airplane simulator designs and building, with assembly at venue!

Flight Simulator: Boeing 737NG,Airbus 320, F16, planning and building of other unique, customized Simulators.

We also co-operate with aviation schools, airlines, universities, entertainment centres, film productions, investors and private personels all over the world.

Our workshop is located in Győr, Hungary. Here we produce and assemble simulators. In the past years we have sold more Boeing 737 NG cockpits simulators, and for unique requests we also sell 737 NG cockpits (cockpit shells), airplane seats and other airplane parts. Furthermore, we also offer services to transform aeroplane parts for exhibitions, office furnishing from used plane parts and film sets.
These are made based on individual claims.

Boeing 737 flight simulator characteristics

The B737 NG airplane is one of the most popular types. More airlines using it, because it is reliable and stands for the newest technique.

The simulator has high quality external and internal input! The 65 inches contrast screens with HD resolution provide the realistic scenery.  For the even more sensible feeling it has original pilot seats, syncronised yokes and pedals, autopilot, FMC, automatic throttle and rudder trim to help in handling different flight situations. The technical data appears on 6 EFIS screens on the control panel.

Different kind of simulation possibilities e.g. weather, day, route, 24000 airports, big cities, New york, London, Paris or your favourite destination! You can also simulate emergency situations e.g. engine fire, motor failure, extreme weather conditions etc. It has a tutorial program with which we can create several situations and emergency phases, furthermore on the internet it can connect with more planes, so realistic directional flight can be carried out. Also you can adjust the current weather and day time by using the internet. The simulator also has an ATC function (air traffic control) which allows you to communicate with a virtual control tower online.

The simulators are suitable for pilot-practicing, learning-education, but it provides excellent entertaining possibilities, that’s why it is perfect for commercial use. We recommend it to investors and private customers as well, we can also implement unique needs. It is a great investment, has stable value and big advertising power.


2 people version

 Width:   3000 mm

Length:  2500 mm

Height:   2600 mm

New 6 people version 

 Width:   3000 mm

Length:  4500 mm

Height:   2600 mm

You can order the simulators in fixed or motion version!

Traits: movable, original parts, easy transporting, disassembly and assembly in 3 days. We provide maintenance, installation, a full range of after services and coaching.

You can also visit us at site, to see and try the simulator!

Widened activity

  • Office furniture made from airplane parts based on individual claims
  • Used (components non-installable in real aircrafts) airplane parts and equipment sale
  • Sale of fibreglass cockpit shell produced by us for simulator builders

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